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Production experience

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Scale of production base

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Advanced production equipment

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Qualification Certification

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Service customers

Shenzhen Xiedali Printing & Packaging Products Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Xiedali Printing & Packaging Products Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Xiedali Printing and Packaging Products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of plastic box packaging. It has accumulated many years of plastic box printing and production experience. Its products are widely used in toys, hardware, electronics, stationery, handicrafts, food, clothing and other fields. Advanced machinery and equipment at home and abroad can be introduced, and packaging products of different shapes, sizes and printing effects can be customized according to the requirements provided by customers, including PVC, PET, PP, PETG, PS folding box, apple batch, automatic bottom folding box, soft line folding box, beer slice, heaven and earth box, soft rubber, blister and other products. We always use high-quality service and sound management methods to ensure product quality, meet the requirements of new and old customers, professional technology and rich experience, our packaging will be able to effectively display your product image and make your product sales Double, warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to come and call for consultation and negotiation.



More than 20 years of production experience


Currently GRS certified


Have their own recycled material RPET, PET sheet factory


Has a new 11-color Heidelberg printing machine superb printing technology


Production of various variable two-dimensional codes and invisible codes


Cold ironing has convex effect, wear-resistant ink printing and reverse printing effect


Automatic Soft Line and Automatic Sticky Bottom Production Technology


Printing mounted pit carton, single and double powder color box, recycled carton


Large scale, fast delivery time, competitive price

Quotation12Within hours

Plate3 daysWithin

Production2 weeksWithin

We have a global footprint

700 +

Global Cooperative Customers

By 2022, the company has more than 3000 customers in the global market.

80 +

Export to countries and regions

The company's products have passed ISO9001 & 14001, ISO15378 and ISO134585 certification systems, CFDA national filing and FDA filing, and have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions around the world.